It was a fantasy. Like a movie. It was a life that we never could have had.

Paul Wesley is too sexy for everyone (x

▼TVD Songlist | 5x18 - Resident Evil

Scene: In Elena’s dream, wind blows away a page from her journal, which is picked up & returned by Stefan

Scene: Enzo questions Damon’s relationship with Elena, as they play pool

Scene: Caroline comments on the dreams Elena has been having about Stefan

Scene: Liv asks Matt & Tyler to prove they aren’t Travelers by stabbing themselves

Scene: Enzo asks what’s step two of getting Damon to forget about Elena; Caroline asks Enzo to pass on a message to Damon

Scene: Elena tells Damon her visions were paradise but they weren’t real and she still needs him in her life, then Damon responds he wants nothing to do with her; Tyler reassures Caroline that he’ll handle the Travelers.

So what happened?

 asked stydia or stelena?